The Organization

Friends of Kasam is a non-profit dedicated to support the education of underprivileged children in Kasam, Tamil Nadu, India. We are a registered, tax-exempt public charity as defined under section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

We follow the 100% model - meaning that all funds raised publicly from this website are used directly and solely for the education of children. Any operational costs are borne by private donors and funds for them are raised separately.

Last year (2015-16), we raised funds to support the tuition and other educational expenses of 30 students at King's Matricluation School (KMS), Kasam. All sponsored students successfully completed their school year and are moving on to the next grade. This includes 5 students who graduated high school and are pursuing higher education.

This year (2016-17), our goal is to raise the number of children being sponsored to 44 students as well as sponsor birthday gifts and school supplies at KMS.

KMS educates over 850 K-12 children from surrounding villages in English and Tamil. For a rural education center, KMS has excellent infrastructure and resources with 24 teachers, three science labs, a library, a sports ground and a computer center with 26 PCs and high speed internet!




The People

The people  responsible for all operations, finances and communications are:

Naman Chaurasia

Naman has been a Friend of Kasam for over 3 years and was a volunteer teacher at KMS from 2008 to 2011 teaching English, Science and Computers. He oversees the legal, operational and communication functions.


Megan Allene Smith

Megan has been a Friend of Kasam since 2015. She visited a couple of schools while visiting India and fell in love with the children, and wanted to help however she could. She is the Director of Communications.

Rahul Ladhania

Rahul has been a Friend of Kasam since 2014 and comes with previous non-profit strategy and execution experience. He manages the website and legal operations.

Likhith Mandali

Likhith was a volunteer teacher at KMS from 2009 to 2011 teaching Computers and Sports. He has been a Friend of Kasam for over 3 years and manages the financial operations and record-keeping.

Sowmya Saragadam

Sowmya has been a Friend of Kasam for over 2 years and brings a rich skill-set, experience and energy. She administers and manages all media , communications and client relationships for Friends of Kasam.