A couple of months ago we coordinated with Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), an engineering college located near the school, to start a fellowship program for the college students to be a part of Friends of Kasam. The objective of the fellowship was to have our "eyes on the ground" - our points of contact for coordinating activities and getting more frequent updates from the school. We have two new team members: Aditya and Priyank, who are both students at VIT and are now helping us with more local support. They are both engineering students and have backgrounds in volunteering, and are thrilled to be working with us. Their main responsibilities are visiting the school to see how the children are doing and progressing, and to coordinate communication between sponsors and the students.

Aditya and Priyank visited the school in April, where they spent some time with the students and had them draw some photos and write letters to all of you. We are consolidating them and will get those over to you in our next newsletter, along with updates about your individual kids.