For the next school year, we are hoping to implement a few changes to help support the relationship between you and your sponsored child, should you choose to do: 

  • Establish a way for one-on-one updates: Having Aditya and Priyank will help us facilitate more contact between you and your sponsored child. We’d like to do some sort of video chats or coordinated videos back and forth so you can get to know your child better.
  • Implement the "school uniforms, bags, and gift-giving" program: As you know, the children you sponsor are far below the poverty line. Many of these children do not have clothing other than their school uniforms and cannot afford much more. We are aiming to begin a fundraising initiative if you’d like to donate to help purchase additional uniforms and bags for the children. Also, we want to raise a few dollars per child to purchase small birthday gifts for them.


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